Ray Warren has been an acupuncturist and natural health practitioner for thirty years, a ball room dance teacher thirty-five years, and has dealt with his own chronic depression for twenty-two years. He writes self-help books and young adult novels when he is not dancing. Ray lives in Southern Vermont with his wife and dance partner Lucinda.

How -to-Eliminate-Stress_Entertaining-the-Dragon

How to Eliminate Stress:
Entertaining the Dragon

Self Help for Eliminating Chronic Stress as an adjunct to good health and serenity.
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Poetry Healing: Lunch By the River of Life (Poetry Musings Book 1)

A collection of poetic musings with a theme of healing and introspection. Artist with words.
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Poetry Healing II: River of Souls (Healing Poetry) (Volume 2)

A selection of free-form poetry of introspection and description
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Sammy's Revenge

First person narrative of a seventeen year old boy who loves the girls. Sammy finds himself in a place he never expected to be and keeps trying to put it right.
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Taming the Hour of the Wolf:
Bedside Companion 1

The 'Hour of the Wolf' is generally between three and five a.m. when the mind wakes up with every negative thought it can find. Let these personal and most positive affirmations walk you through that trying or help to the tone of your day. Being pro-active with the power of then spoken word is age old wisdom and will reset your mental computer in a new direction. This is a simple, time tested method to personal growth.
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Taming Chronic Depression:
Bedside Companion 2

Millions of people worldwide suffer from cronic depression. It affects all ages, genders, and nationalities. It may only be a matter of feeling out of sorts or a completely debilitating condition that makes life a constant battle. The good new is, with the right knowledge and focus it can be dealt with and even eliminated. It helps to have a guide for this journey from depression to joy. I hope to offer you that.
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